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Nowadays, we typically look back only during the last days of December, and then, usually only back into the past year.

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Astrologers particularly tend to favor looking forward, especially in early January. However, I beg your indulgence to not only look back at these recent eclipses, but also to look way back , to and Rather than speculating from astrological keywords about what these recent eclipses portend, I will examine correlations between then and now, with observations from events primarily in North America. As I mentioned in my previous Mountain Astrologer blog , it is my contention that a rare eclipse, i.

Astrology Forecast for October 2017

Herein, I will look at events from , when the lunar eclipse occurred at the same degree. In colonial New England, was a year of firsts, when fundamental assumptions were shaken up in a variety of arenas. March : A controversial, charismatic, self-appointed religious leader, Anne Hutchinson, was tried and convicted for religious heresy.

She was banished from Massachusetts on November 8, All other religious leaders of the time were male. June 1, The colonists experienced their first earthquake, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. June 25, The first documented North American celestial event, a lunar eclipse, occurred. December 20, The second documented lunar eclipse occurred less than 14 hours before the Winter Solstice. In summary, in , the presumably stable earth trembled, the skies darkened, and authority was challenged by popular and threatening troublemakers who were consequentially banished.

At the time in the New England colonies, the political and religious authorities were one and the same. If we compare those themes to , we can now see unprecedented earth changes, eclipses at the same times, popular and threatening troublemakers namely, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning uprooted from where they wanted to be, due to actions that each took without approval of the authorities.

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  • I will look back to to see what was manifesting politically or culturally between January 4, and the Full Moon of January 19, , i. In Connecticut, on January 14, , principles for the framework of a new government were approved. With the new agreement, such capricious actions would no longer be allowed.

    Historically, this document is seen as, in essence, the first constitution in colonial North America. It is the oldest house in Connecticut and the oldest stone house in New England. What parallels can we see in and beyond?

    Astrological Periodicals

    Assuming that is a viable correlate, then January 4 through January 19 of this year should correspond to significant governmental precedents or the re-emphasis of very old political and cultural precedents. Some events from this time period follow:. House of Representatives. Nationwide, the rights of union and state workers are targeted by the newly elected representatives. The th Congress opens on January 5. We are presently living in an astrologically unprecedented critical time. If proper actions are not taken NOW, it seems probable that there will not be seven more generations of humans.

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