Astrology gemini december 18 2019

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope - Monthly Astrology – Gemini October Horoscope

A tricky full moon in Pisces arrives on September 14, and Mars opposes Neptune, imbuing this full moon with even more magic, mystery, and mayhem. An important culmination in your career is taking place, but you have to watch out for sleazy, lazy, lying, or sneaky people.

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This is not the time to make commitments. Full moons are emotional, so instead of making critical decisions right now, challenge yourself to feel your feelings. A wonderful change in energy arrives during this full moon as Mercury and Venus enter fellow air sign Libra, bringing fun, romance, and creative inspiration your way.

Saturn ends its retrograde on September 18, and you reach a turning point in your inner work and finances. Jupiter clashes with Neptune for the third and final time this year on September Think back to January 13 and June 16, the last time these planets faced off, since similar issues resurface for you to work with.

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Jupiter and Neptune are both very spiritual planets. Neptune is the eternal idealist; Jupiter, the optimist. The mood is grumpy as Mercury clashes with Saturn on September 22, but there is still a focused energy that helps you figure out your next steps. The atmosphere shifts as Libra season begins on September 23—the sun illuminates this fun, flirty, air sign, bringing a boost to your love life and creative endeavors, and a flurry of party invitations! A confusing month ends on a pleasant note when a new moon in Libra arrives on September 28, offering a clean slate, and an easy, pleasant energy flows in your social life and relationships as sweet, sexy Venus mingles with lucky Jupiter!

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Make time to enjoy yourself, Gem: go to a party, make art, make out with someone cute. Cast a spell to bring more joy and romance to your life. Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in October!

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  • Astro Guide. Sep 1 , am. This is an energetic planetary row where the first entities speak of initiative and strength that life force of those born on December 18th carries along. However, their destination seems to be dependent on their soft, passive side, the balance created with it, and their emotional world that needs time, nurturing and care. As time goes by, they learn about their own sensitivity, embracing it step by step.

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    • Resistance followed by attempts to be "stronger than they are" will in fact only weaken their true core of energy and move them away from their authentic needs. Instead of getting "stronger" they should fall apart, flow wherever their Soul wants them to, and go through emotions that have been considered inappropriate or unacceptable for a large portion of their life. This weakness of letting go to the emotional flow will truly bring out their natural and free strength over time, as they cleanse and finally see themselves a bit more clearly.

      12222 Horoscope

      The relationship between parents is to be healed in their second planetary row, putting an emphasis on balancing feminine, caring and masculine, creative forces inside their life. They need to chase for their goals while leaving the same amount of time and focus on emotional issues, relationships and their own frailty. With respect for their need to rest, things in their life become easier and their body becomes the aircraft their heart will use to fly. The amount of responsibility for the situation in the world will start to dial down as they take matters in their own two hands, and build up enough space for their personal creative existence.

      Gemini Daily Horoscope

      The purpose in lives of those born on the 18th of December is to find their true path and the calling of their heart. Separating from such journeys is essential, so they can fulfill their destiny and find meaning they seek in everything they do.

      They need someone with strong personal boundaries, a partner enjoying healthy competition and giving them freedom to speak their mind with openness and no eggshell walking. Their fiery nature needs shared tasks and ideals to fight for, rather than any criticism from loved ones.

      Their search for the right emotion to follow could distance them from intimate relationships for a while, until they find the right goal to pursue so they can relax around others and minimize the influence of outer opinions on their personal choices in life. Initiative they show makes them excel in areas of expertise that are risky or painful, as surgeons, physical therapists and sometimes acupuncturists. They easily understand the language of animals and forests, often working with dogs, horses, and as guides for tracking, rafting or biking tours in Nature.

      Turritella agate is the perfect stone for a person born on December 18th, highly spiritual and connected to Earth and a feeling of home where one can find deep inner peace. It holds information about ancient life, wise and regenerative, teaching that history has its place in our foundation and what our roots bless us with through their rewards and potential.

      Stabilizing and protecting, it is a stone of survival and strength, helping one slow down to the point where reality is clearly seen with all its possibilities and limitations.